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UltraMix® 7500 Series Pantone® Color System consists of 19 non-phthalate, high performance colors, formulated for ultra high speed wet-on-wet automatic printing. Create special or standard colors by using International Coatings’ UltraMix®, Pantone® color matching software, either online or on the desktop version. 7500 Series Colors are FlexCure and can cure as low as 275ºF (135ºC). Well suited for fine detail and halftone printing using finer mesh counts.

Kit Includes:

2 Gallons 7538 Mixing White1 Quart 7519 Fl. Magenta
1 Gallon 7536 Black1 Quart 7521 Fl. Violet
1 Gallon 7503 Yellow1 Quart 7523 Fl. Blue
1 Gallon 7505 Scarlet1 Quart 7525 Fl. Green
1 Gallon 7507 Red1 Quart 7527 Fl. Yellow
1 Gallon 7509 Violet1 Quart 7529 Fl. Lemon
1 Gallon 7511 Marine Blue1 Quart 7531 Fl. Orange
1 Gallon 7513 Blue A1 Quart 7533 Fl. Pink
1 Gallon 7515 Blue B1 Quart 7535 Fl. Red
1 Gallon 7517 Green

Software for the 7500 series mixing system. Click Here. Please remember to select the 7500 Series - Coated or 7500 Series - Uncoated when selecting your formula. This system is a ready to print system and not the concentrated system.

Recommended Fabrics:
100% cotton or cotton/polyester blends. Use an underbase for dark fabrics.

Ink Application:
Colors should be printed without any modifications. If thinning is required, use 1099 LB Lo-Bleed Reducer (1% to 5% by weight).

Screen Mesh:
110 to 305 Monofilament.

Any direct or indirect plastisol emulsion. Use 35 to 70 micron capillary film for best results.

60-70 Durometer: Sharp Edge. 60/90/60 or 70/90/70 Triple Durometer: Sharp Edge

Drying Temperatures:

275ºF - 325°F entire ink film*

*It is always recommended to test dryer temperatures and wash test the printed product before and during a production run.

Clean Up:

Any Environmentally friendly plastisol screen wash.

Storage of Ink Containers:
Keep indoors and store in a cool area. Recommended storage at 65º F to 90º F (18º C to 32º C). Avoid storage in direct sunlight or in extreme temperature conditions.

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