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This Ink is a Pantone® Color Match from the based on the Solid Coated Formula Guide.  These are noted with a “C” after the number (e.g. 123 C). This color was matched according to the formula provided by the International Coatings Ultramix™ Formulation Tool.   These pint quantities are matches that were used to process larger batches or were matches that were deemed not close enough.   This product is a close-out product and is non-returnable. 

Cures at 325°F. Suitable for 100% cotton, some 50/50s, and some tri-blend fabrics. It is always recommended to perform a wash test prior to beginning a production run, especially when printing on 50/50 or tri-blend fabrics.>

* Actual Color May Vary from Pantone

Note: these colors were not cataloged and may or may not match our current formula.   If you wish to order an exact Pantone Color please do so from our Color Matching Page.

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