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WOW® Ready Starter Kit is a ready-for-use water based ink mixing system.   The kit includes 13 RFU Colors, WOW Clear Base, Hydra White, and Hydracryl Retarder.   The ready-for-use colors match the the Virus pigment tones thus guaranteeing reliable Pantone® formulas for dark and white garments.

When printed wet-on-wet, WOW® Ready Inks do not transfer ink to the back of the screen from previous colors printed. With the proper process, WOW® inks will also be dry to the touch before curing the garment, reducing garment spoilage from garment unloaders. WOW® (wet-on-wet) technology introduces more cost-saving and production benefits for water-based screen printers than ever before.

For best results, use the recommended underbase white inks:

Kit Includes:

  • WOW Ready Golden Yellow A - 1kg
  • WOW Ready Yellow A - 1kg
  • WOW Ready Orange 1kg
  • WOW Ready Red C - 1kg
  • WOW Ready Red D - 1kg
  • WOW Ready Pink - 1kg
  • WOW Ready Violet - 1kg
  • WOW Ready Blue A - 1kg
  • WOW Ready Navy Blue - 1kg
  • WOW Ready Green - 1kg
  • WOW Ready Brown B - 1kg
  • WOW Ready Black B - 1kg
  • WOW Ready Mixing White - 1kg
  • WOW Clear - 2kg
  • Hydra White 120 E - 1kg
  • Hydracryl Retarder - 500gr

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