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Polycol Crossover Emulsion - gallon
  • Polycol Crossover Emulsion - gallon
  • Polycol Crossover Emulsion - gallon - red

For use with these types of Inks:

  • Plastisol
  • Solvent * Mild Solvents
  • UV
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Introducing the newly enhanced POLYCOL® CROSSOVER, a medium-high viscosity, pre-sensitized SBQ-photo-polymer emulsion, meticulously designed for printing with plastisol, UV-curable, and mild solvent-based ink systems.

With its exceptional resolution and impressive mesh bridging capabilities, coupled with an extensive exposure latitude, POLYCOL® CROSSOVER is the perfect tool for fine detail and 4-color process printing. It boasts a rapid and effortless development process, and its medium-high viscosity allows for effective coating on all standard mesh counts used in garment printing.

Distinctively, POLYCOL® CROSSOVER is not affected by "solvent lock", a common issue faced with many pre-sensitized emulsions in garment printing. This attribute makes it exceptionally easy to reclaim. When it comes to exposure time, POLYCOL® CROSSOVER outperforms by being approximately four times quicker than diazo and "dual cure" emulsions.

Upgrade your printing experience with the new and improved POLYCOL® CROSSOVER, the epitome of speed, efficiency, and precision.

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