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ICC 931 Ink Degradent will remove plastisol ink without breaking down emulsion, allowing the user to clear the screen of ink while preserving the stencil for future use. ICC 931 Ink Degradent can also be used to efficiently remove plastisol ink from the screen prior to a full reclaim.

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1. Pour ICC 931 Ink Degradent into a chemical resistant spray bottle for easy application (do not dilute)
2. Properly card-out unused plastisol ink using Clean-Up Cards and save the remainder of the ink (when applicable) for future use
3. Without wetting the screen, mist 931 Ink Degradent onto the squeegee side of the screen and thoroughly agitate product into the residual ink using a wet (water only) heavy duty scrub brush
4. Turn screen around and primarily spray only the image area on the substrate side (t-shirt side), scrub thoroughly to ensure a good mix of product with residual ink
5. High pressure water rinse from side to side, working from the bottom of the screen and finishing at the top
6. Using low pressure water, flood rinse screen to provide complete removal of all residue
Note: If any light stains remain after the emulsion has been removed, a second application of 931 Ink Degradent can be applied.

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WARNING: This product may contain trace amounts of chemicals known in the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm for more information go to

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