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The new Anatol Vulcan series conveyor dryer is the screen printing industry's most efficient and versatile gas dryer.  Its innovative air flow design coupled with advanced technology cures all ink types with unprecedented reliability.  The Vulcan features technology that leaves the dryer's exterior cool to the touch.  That same care went into the design of the internal components with the use of a self cooling blower motor. The Vulcan's operating system now features a micro-processor with digital control along with the ability to store settings for specific substrates and inks.

Air Handling

  • 14" blower with variable speed controller for improved curing and reduced energy costs.
  • Optimized airflow with improved spacing of forward-curved blades
  • Double wall stainless steel filter allows for maximum flow and less maintenance

Conveyor System

  • Driven by a reliable, heavy duty variable speed AC motor
  • Digital belt speed readout
  • Large rollers are crowned for better conveyor belt tracking
  • Powder coated finish
  • Adjustable speed from a few feet up to 37.5" feet per minute maximum

Energy Efficiency

  • Double heavy-duty thermal insulation prevents heat from migrating into the workspace
  • Design provides a consistent and uniform temperature throughout the drying chamber
  • Exhaust dryer with flow adjustment range from 300 to 1,000 SCFM, allows for better exhaust gas control
  • Integrated hood eliminates hot air from escaping the dryer as well as the need fro additional exhaust connections

Control Center

  • Automatic shutdown sequence keeps the blower and belt running until the chamber cools
  • Fuzzy-logic digital controller ensures consistency by keeping within 1 degree of target temperature
  • A visible and audible warning is activated by an indicator light and buzzer when temperature is not within user-set parameters
  • Job recall allows operators to store up to 18 temperature & belt speed settings
  • 5" LCD screen and microprocessor controller provides easy, direct access to alarm list, service data and dryer parameters
  • LCD screen displays key operational information about heat chamber temperature, belt speed and other settings

Design & Construction

  • Air-cooled cabinet located outside of heat module ensures a long life for all electrical components
  • Improved design allows for easy maintenance lower costs

Heat Chamber

  • Available for natural gas (NG) and liquid propane (LP)
  • Galvanized steel interior
  • Double wall construction 


  • Limited two-year warranty


  • 4-foot spacer modules without controls (For Vulcan II Only)
  • Infeed/outfeed extension(s) per customer requirements
  • End hoods, standard on Vulcan I, optional on Vulcan II
  • Additional Heat Modules
  • Split belt systems with independent reversible direction drives (for 60" and 72" dryers only)
  • Outfeed cooling fan - to boost ink cooling when substrate exists heat chamber
  • Single phase wiring
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