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XOLB Series Ink –

High Opacity/ Fast FlashingLead Free - contains less than 0.025% leadContains NO Orthophthalates

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Direct Print Plastisol Ink
XOLB “Xtra Opaque Low Bleed” inks are high opacity multi-purpose inks that are designed to produce extremely opaque prints yet are very easy to print on a manual press. The smooth creamy consistency leaves a uniform print for under-basing and can be opaque on black without a white base with screens as fine as 160 mesh. XOLB inks are fast flashing, cure with a non-tack surface, and contain clean bright pigments.

100% cotton or cotton/polyester blends. Always test print fabric before beginning production

Application Information:
The XOLB series inks can be printed right out of the containers without any modifications.

80 to 305


60-70 Durometer

Any direct emulsion or capillary film.

Gel/ Flash Cure:
Flash 2-3 seconds with the ink reaching 150-250F. To gel, ink should not exceed 250F. Always complete a test print before doing a production run.

Full Cure:
325 F (163C)

Transfer at 350F with a transfer adhesive. Cold peel.

Wash Up:
Mineral spirits or any environmentally friendly plastisol screen wash.

Recommended storage temperature is 65-90 F (18-32 C). Avoid storing in direct sunlight and moist humid air.

P-5011 Curable Reducer: Use if thinning is required


Price Quart

Atlas Price Quart

Price Gallons

Atlas Price Gallons


5-Gal Pails

Per Gallon

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5-Gal Pails

Per Gallon


P-5011N/ACurable Reducer22.8715.24$45.73$36.58$40.69$32.01
WOW1015N/ASoftee Clear Soft Hand BaseN/AN/A$52.29$41.83$47.13$36.60


XOLB-158 Creamy Glacier White$41.85$27.90$83.70$66.96$74.48$58.59
XOLB-159 Glacier Plus White$43.57$29.05$87.13$69.71$77.53$60.99
XOLB-165 Polar White$49.86$33.24$99.72$79.78$88.73$69.80

Standard Colors

XOLB-201 Yellow$38.43$27.22$76.85$65.33$68.38$57.64
XOLB-202 Gold $46.07$30.72$92.14$73.71$81.98$64.50
XOLB-205 Vegas Gold$48.03$34.02$96.06$81.65$85.48$72.05
XOLB-210 Chrome Yellow$48.37$34.26$96.74$82.23$86.08$72.55
XOLB-302 Orange$43.09$30.53$86.19$73.26$76.69$64.64
XOLB-401 Scarlet$45.33$32.11$90.65$77.05$80.66$67.99
XOLB-402 Dark Cardinal$38.83$27.51$77.66$66.01$69.10$58.24
XOLB-403 Fluo. Pink$50.26$35.61$100.53$85.45$89.45$75.39
XOLB-405 Blaze Red$51.48$36.47$102.97$87.52$91.62$77.22
XOLB-408 Bright Red$46.00$32.59$92.00$78.20$81.86$69.00
XOLB-453 Fuchsia$62.92$44.57$125.83$106.96$111.97$94.37  
XOLB-501 Sky Blue$30.10$21.32$60.20$51.17$53.57$45.15
XOLB-502 Columbia Blue$37.21$26.36$74.41$63.25$66.22$55.81
XOLB-503 Royal Blue$35.65$25.25$71.30$60.61$63.45$53.48
XOLB-504 Navy Blue$30.44$21.56$60.88$51.75$54.17$45.66
XOLB-505 Process Blue$31.59$22.38$63.19$53.71$56.22$47.39
XOLB-506 Ultramarine Blue$43.09$30.53$86.19$73.26$76.69$64.64
XOLB-601 Dark Maroon$33.96$24.06$67.92$57.74$60.43$50.94
XOLB-602 Purple$34.44$24.39$68.87$58.54$61.28$51.65
XOLB-607 Maroon$37.48$26.55$74.96$63.72$66.69$56.22
XOLB-701 Grass Green$36.67$25.98$73.34$62.34$65.26$55.00
XOLB-703 Kelly Green$36.73$26.02$73.47$62.45$65.38$55.10
XOLB-704 Turquoise$33.49$23.72$66.98$56.93$59.59$50.23
XOLB-705 Lime Green$44.65$31.63$89.30$75.90$79.46$66.97
XOLB-710 Forest Green$34.03$24.10$68.06$57.85$60.55$51.04
XOLB-801 Tan Flesh$29.76$21.09$59.53$50.60$52.97$44.65
XOLB-803 Rust (Texas Orange)$35.72$25.30$71.44$60.73$63.57$53.58
XOLB-805 Medium Brown$30.31$21.47$60.62$51.53$53.93$45.46
XOLB-902 Grey$29.23$20.70$58.45$49.68$52.01$43.84
XOLB-911 Black$28.75$19.17$57.50$46.00$51.17$40.25

*Colors are approximated and vary because a complete color spectrum is not possible on a monitor.  Some colors are closer than others; Fluorescents for example are less accurate than other colors.

Pantone Color Matching: 7500 International Coatings (Standard) available in quarts -$45.00 , gallons-$85.00 and 5 gallon-$72.00/gal. 7100 International Coatings (Athletic Performance Ink) available in quarts -$56.00 , gallons-$105.00 and 5 gallon-$92.00/gal. Please allow 2-3 days for color matching.  Matching available in coated (C) formulas only.

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