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Atlas Pure White Ink
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Item #: L1100 -

    Atlas Plastisol Inks have been formulated for high productivity wet-on-wet printing. Atlas Plastisol Inks are made with an opaque base to achieve optimum opacity. Atlas Plastisol Inks have excellent resistance to build-up and possess excellent printability. Atlas Plastisol Inks may also be used to print conventional cold peel transfers.

    158 Creamy Glacier White XOLB
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    QCM Item #: 14QXOLB158 -

      158 Creamy Glacier White is the latest, most dramatic white. It exhibits a brilliant whiteness, so white it almost glows! Glacier White has a soft, creamy consistency that is easy to print but also has a very high opacity. It has good flash times and fair low-bleed qualities. Prints on 50/50 cotton poly blends and 100% cotton. Excellent for use as an under-base as well as a “finish” white where you need areas of a design to pop out.

      159 Glacier Plus White XOLB
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      QCM Item #: 14QXOLB159 -

        Glacier Plus White, XOLB-159, is QCM's answer to the question, “Can an ink have ultimate opacity and still be easy to print?” Glacier Plus White maintains the brilliance you expect from the Glacier line, but has been modified for maximum opacity. Manual printers will be pleasantly surprised that the XOLB-159 is still as soft and smooth as the XOLB-158. All that, and Glacier Plus White has bleed resistance suitable for most of your bad bleeders.

        165 Polar White XOLB
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        QCM Item #: 14QXOLB165 -

          XOLB-165 Polar White is designed for maximum bleed resistance on 50/50 Cotton Polyester blend fabrics. It is extremely opaque and matts fibers well producing prints with outstanding coverage. The smooth creamy consistency is easy to print with on both manual and automatic presses. XOLB-165 Polar White is fast flashing allowing for shorter dwell times and faster production times. Polar White is ideal for use as a base plate/under-base white or as a bright clean highlite white. ...

          7007 Knock Out White  knock, out, white, ink
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          International Coatings Item #: 7007 -

            7007 Knock Out Low Bleed White by International Coatings is a low bleed, high pigment, fast flashing, low tack, non-phthalate plastisol screen printing ink. 7007 Knock Out Low Bleed White has a creamy viscosity and medium body, making the ink suitable for both auto and manual presses. This ink offers superior performance through fast production speeds, and its brightness and opacity.

            7014 Legacy White
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            International Coatings Item #: 7014 -

              Re-designed from the ground up to give customers the best white ink possible. International Coatings believes that thier R&D department exceeded expectations, making the 7014 Legacy White one of the best white inks in the market today. In fact, when tested, 7014 Legacy White outperformed competitors' inks. Press ready and is very opaque with the subsequent print producing a matte finish Has good bleed blocking characteristics Can be used on 100% cotton and 50/50 poly/cotton blends Is very...

              7041 Paramount White
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              International Coatings Item #: 7041 -

                7041 Ultra Low-Bleed Paramount White offers superior bleed resistance, outstanding print performance, very fast, excellent opacity and a soft hand. It is ideal for high and low mesh counts and unlike other competitive inks, 7041 Paramount White contains no bleaching agents and is non-phthalate.Ultra Low Bleed •Non-Phthalate (NP) •Excellent opacity •Very Fast Flash •Low cure (300°-325°F or 140°-160°C) •Ideal for low and high mesh counts •No Bleaching Agents •Creamy Viscosity Features •Low...

                7113 Performance Pro White (Low Cure)
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                International Coatings Item #: 7113 -

                  The 7100 Performance Pro™ Series consists of low bleed, non-phthalate, low cure* inks that can be printed on performance fabrics and other sports-related garments. Recommendations: Fabric: 100% Polyester, Poly-blends, and Performance Fabrics Cure Temperature: 275°F-300°F Ink Application: 7100 Series should be used straight from the container without any modifications Additives: Not Recommended Screen Mesh: 110-230t/in monofilament Emulsion: Any direct or indirect emulsion or capillary...

                  711LF Classic Lo-Bleed HP White
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                  International Coatings Item #: 711 -

                    711LF (lead free, contains less than 0.025% lead) LB (low-bleed) HP (high pigment) is fast flashing, low fusing, low tack white plastisol ink. 711LF has a creamy viscosity and is easy to print. It requires less pressure than most other whites to print through the screen. It is a truly white white and emits no objectionable odor. The ink contain no bleaching agents and its performance is recognized as superior to other low bleed inks.711 is Phthalate Free ...

                    741LF Ultra Low Bleed Polyester White
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                    International Coatings Item #: 741 -

                      International Coatings' lowest bleed white formulated for tough to print polyester or polyester blend fabrics. (As with all low bleed inks, preprint and test all fabrics to be used for dye migration, ink adhesion, wash fastness and other desired properties before beginning any production.)