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Supply Package OneThis is your entry level package.  It comprises just the basics with minimum quantities.  It is just right for those looking to start into screen printing but may not be sure what they need just yet. SAVE $30+ $205.00
Supply Package TwoThis package expands on package one.  It adds more squeegees and frames for multi-color printing.  Included in this package are white and black pellons for test prints and easy to use spray bottles with triggers for your chemicals.  Also included are thermolabels to test for proper ink curing temperatures. SAVE $50+


Supply Package ThreeThis package adds more frames, squeegees and ink for multi-color printing.  An exposure calulator is included to assist in determining proper exposure times.  The PW 122 Press Wash is included which is a faster drying wash that will help speed up clean up time on the press. Also included is more spray adhesives and a flash adhesive which is an idea adhesive when using a flash cure unit.  SAVE $80+



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