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The Automatic Printer that Costs Less to Operate than a Manual Printer

The JAVELIN PRO, with it's exclusive quickset, self-leveling squeegee and simple-to-use micro registration, ensures set-ups are as fast as on manual printers. From the smallest to the largest job can now be printed on your automatic. The main framework, screen and platen arms are solid welded construction of thick-walled (46,000 psi yield strength) mechanical steel plate tubing resulting in unsurpassed durability. The JAVELIN PRO's pneumatic drive system is quiet, smooth and extremely dependable and is able to undertake even the most demanding production requirements. With standard features that include a rotating control panel, individual print controls for each screen, manual print buttons, waterbase ink mode, production counter and automatic/manual index modes, it's easy to see why the JAVELIN PRO is leading the screen printing industry.

With a proven history of dependability, the JAVELIN PRO enables a screen printer to be 14 times more productive than when printing manually.

No other automatic printer offers the simplicity, durability, reliability and features as the JAVELIN PRO. When making a decision on the direction your company will go...

Machine Diameter:          6-Color/8-Station 10.5' (3.2m)

                                    6&8-Color/10-Station 13.5' (4.0m)

                                    8&10Color/12-Station 14.5' (4.4m)

Standard Features

  • All functions are micro processor controlled

  • The fastest and easiest squeegee and flood angle, pressure adjustment available

  • Single or double print stroke per screen for more opacity on dark garments

  • Emergency stop button 

  • Delay timer

  • Independent start buttons for each printhead

  • Control Panel rotates to all stations

  • Micro registration front & back for fast setups

  • Very heavy duty steel construction throughout

  • Easily adjustable screen clamps

  • One knob quick change squeegee

  • Precisely milled Registration fork on every print head for exact registration

  • Non-warping solid aluminum platen

  • Begin, end production mode

  • Double index run two jobs simultaneously

  • Pneumatically driven for smooth operation

  • Adjustable rear screen clamp

  • Adjustable print stroke

  • Pneumatic screen clamps front & rear

  • Foot pedal

  • Production Counter

  • Variable off-contact adjustment

  • Easy release platens

  • Fast production rate - 70 doz./hr

  • Safety system

  • Two year warranty

  • Compact design

  • Self-leveling squeegee

  • Open screen area for easy inking

  • Solid state controls and components throughout

  • Missed Platen Feature

  • Platens rotate automatically or manually

  • Registration light


Javelin Pro 6/8 as low as *$575 per month/ $23 per day

*Payments are based on a 60 month / $1.00 buyout lease.  Per day based on a 25 day work month. 

Payments are approximate and can change due to credit and time in business. No obligation and no application fee for applying.


Why Lease?

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Part #Description


CAA-5000AJavelin Pro  6 Color/ 8 Station 110v, 50-60Hz, 10amps, 110psi (7.6bar), 22cfm (623 I/m)$26,575.00
CA-0808Javelin  Pro 6 Color/ 10 Station 110v, 50-60Hz, 10amps, 110psi (7.6bar), 22cfm (623 I/m)$35,600.00
CAA-5000CJavelin  Pro 8 Color/ 10 Station 110v, 50-60Hz, 10amps, 110psi (7.6bar), 30cfm (850 I/m)$39,850.00
CA-1007AJavelin Pro 8 Color/ 12 Station 110v, 50-60Hz, 10amps, 110psi (7.6bar), 30cfm (850 I/m)Call For Quote
CA-1009AJavelin Pro 10 Color/ 12 Station 110v, 50-60Hz, 10amps, 110psi (7.6bar), 30cfm (850 I/m)"
CA-0016AFlashback 16, Automatic Flash 16"x18", 220v, 50-60Hz, 4400wattts, 20amps$3,525.00
CR-0012Domestic Crating Installation & Training$1,850.00
M-0336Compressor, 10.0hp, 208v, 3Ph, 50-60Hz, 28/14amps, 175psi, 34cfm$3,500.00
M-0333Chiller/Dryer for 10.0hp Compressor$1,650.00


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