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FastINK Textile for Fast TJET

FastINK Textile Ink 3Lead Free - contains less than 0.025% leadContains NO Orthophthalates



FastINK3 Direct to Garment Textile Ink

Bold, Bright Vibrant Colors are what you can expect from FastINK3™, the third generation of FastINK™ for Fast T-Jet™ Inkjet-to-Garment printers. With enhanced durability, color-fast images printed with FastINK3™ will still look great after 10 washings.

Note: This ink is the same Original US Screen Formula from DuPont. Some distributors have switched to less expensive formulas from different manufacturers at the cost of performance. This can lead to the ink washing out on garments and may contribute to print-head clogs or failure. Just because it says FastINK3 on the label does not mean it is the original formula from DuPont.


Part #Description 


New Price

USTJ8CY3Cyan Pigment 8oz. Bottle  $71.95$59.95
USTJ16CY3Cyan Pigment 16oz. Bottle  $134.95$109.00
USTJ16CY3Cyan Pigment 1 Liter Bottle  $242.95$188.00
USTJ8MG3Magenta Pigment 8oz. Bottle $71.95$59.95
USTJ16MG3Magenta Pigment 16oz. Bottle $134.95$109.00
USTJ16MG3Magenta Pigment 1 Liter Bottle $242.95$188.00
USTJ8YEL3Yellow Pigment 8oz. Bottle  $71.95$59.95
USTJ16YEL3Yellow Pigment 16oz. Bottle  $134.95$109.00
USTJ16YEL3Yellow Pigment 1 Liter Bottle  $242.95$188.00
USTJ8BK3Black Pigment 8oz. Bottle $71.95$59.95
USTJ16BK3Black Pigment 16oz. Bottle $134.95$109.00
USTJ16BK3Black Pigment 1 Liter Bottle $242.95$188.00
USTJ16WHWhite Pigment Ink 16oz. Bottle $149.95$135.00
USTJ1LTRWhite Pigment Ink 1 Liter Bottle $269.95$245.00


TJ2LPTPPoly Pretreat for Printing on Polyester - for white or light colored garment requiring no white underbase (2-Liter Bottle)n/a$65.00
USTJLPREFastINK Pre-Treatment for Printing White Ink (Quart Bottle)n/a$32.95
USTJGPREFastINK Pre-Treatment for Printing White Ink (Gallon Bottle)n/a$79.95
TJCOLORInstaCOLOR (Gallon)n/a$38.95
TJBRIGHTFastBRIGHT (Gallon)n/a$33.95
USTJ8PURGFastINK Cleaning Fluid 8oz. Bottle$21.95$20.85
USTJ16PURGFastINK Cleaning Fluid 16oz. Bottle$40.95$38.90
USTJLTRPURGFastINK Cleaning Fluid 1 Liter Bottle$79.95$75.95


MSDS Sheets

Fast TJet Ink Cyan

Fast TJet Ink Magenta

Fast TJet Ink Yellow

Fast TJet Ink Black

Fast TJet Ink White

Fast TJet Ink Pretreatment

Fast TJet Ink FastBRIGHT

Fast TJet Ink HD Cleaning Fluid

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