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  • Very soft, velvety light hand feel when mixed with Virus bases
  • AquaTint Pigment for use with Virus bases such as:
    • Hydra Clear 120E (for 100% Cotton)
    • Hydra Cool Base (for 100% Cotton, more opaque and produces a matte finish)
    • Perfetto Clear (for 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, Cotton/Poly blends and some tri-blends*
    • Discharge Plus Base (for 100% Cotton)
    • Geo Eco SuperStar (tint with AquaTint Pigments, up to 10% by weight)
  • Mesh Counts up to 255 - 305 t/in (Refer to Technical Data Sheet)
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AquaTint Pigments are designed to be mixed with Virus bases, such as:

  • Hydra Clear 120E for 100% Cotton
  • Perfetto Clear for 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, Cotton/Poly blends and some tri-blends
  • Hydra Cool Base for 100% Cotton fabrics, more opaque and has a matte finish
  • Discharge Plus Base to create vibrant discharge colors on 100% Cotton
    (Virus Discharge Inks will last for 6 months after activation)
  • Geo Eco SuperStar (Silver Shimmer) can be tinted using AquaTint Pigments to create other shimmer colors (up to 10% by weight)

Mix AquaTint Pigments with a compatible base for your fabric to create your own ink colors, or use the Virus Mixing System to achieve Pantone® color matches on both light and dark garments. When using the Virus Mixing System, "dark garment" color formulas are designed to printed on top of a white underbase, regardless of garment color. If you are not using an underbase, use a "light garment" color formula.

When combined with a compatible base, ink can be printed up to 255 - 305 t/in mesh counts, guaranteeing the softest hand and retention of high quality details with astonishing accuracy. Virus inks are created using high technology content but remain very easy to use, ensure extraordinary dot-gain control that allows for the highest printing precision and low ink consumption - saving you more money at the press than other water based inks on the market.

Recommended Fabrics
Recommended fabric is determined by the base used, as follows:

*Always test print and wash for durability prior to a production run.

Ink Application
Thoroughly mix AquaTint Pigments into a base compatible with the fabric to be printed. Create your own ink colors or use the online Virus Mixing System to create Pantone® color matches for light and dark garments. "Dark garment" color formulas are designed to be printed on top of a white underbase, regardless of the garment color. If no underbase will be printed, use a "light garment" color formula. Once pigments are thoroughly mixed into the correct base, ink should be printed right from the container without modification. If additives are needed, select from the suitable additives below (all additives listed are Formaldehyde and Phthalate Free):

  • Reduce Viscosity: Add 3% of HYDRA REDUCER 120
  • Improve Wash Resistance: Add no more than 3% UNIVERSAL FIX
  • Further Improve Screen Stability: Add 3-5% HYDRACRYL RETARDER (for use with Hydra, Geo and Perfetto Series inks)

Mesh Count
Up to 305 t/in (when mixed with Perfetto or Hydra Series bases; including Hydra Clear 120 E, Perfetto Clear, and Hydra Cool Base)
Up to 255 t/in (when mixed with Discharge Plus Base)

Any direct or indirect water resistant emulsion
Recommended: CP Tex Emulsion, for use with water based and plastisol inks.

Refer to Technical Data Sheet, depending on the chosen base to mix with pigments

Cure Temperature
320°F (160°C) entire ink film for 90 seconds (when mixing with Hydra Clear 120 E or Hydra Cool Base)
320°F (160°C) entire ink film for 2 minutes (when mixing with Perfetto Clear or Discharge Plus Base)

ReadyWash™ Ink Degradent specifically designed for water based inks

Recommended storage at 65°F to 90°F (18°C to 32°C). Avoid storage in direct sunlight. Keep containers well sealed.

**Recommended Pallet Adhesive: ReadyTack™ Pallet Adhesive is designed to be used with water based, discharge and plastisol inks. ReadyTack™ is more cost-effective than aerosol adhesives and will not break down while printing with water based inks, unlike other adhesives available on the market.***

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