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FastRIP - Inkjet Printer Postscript Reader


FastRIP™ - Create Film Positives on an Inkjet Printer!


Atlas Screen Supply Co now offers AccuRIP in place of FastRIP click here for more information

FastRIP HD Epson Inkjet RIP


FastRIP™ is a PostScript Interpreter called a Raster Image Processor (RIP) allowing you to achieve image setter quality on an Epson inkjet printer.  In order to achieve high quality output your inkjet printer it needs a special PostScript Interpreter.  Inkjet printers are a consumer item that is not specifically designed for film output.  This can be changed by adding special software turning your inkjet printer into a high quality film processor.  FastRIP™ allows the printer to achieve high quality halftone dots necessary to produce higher end products.  Also,  inkjet printers are designed to lay down a lighter deposit of ink than you will need leading to a weaker stencil.  The FastRIP™ tells the Epson inkjet printer to lay down a denser deposit of black ink. 


Classic Version

Economical, dense images, crisp halftones and perfect registration are a reality when using an inkjet printer. Create film positives of Imagesetter quality using the proven technology of inkjet printing. FastRIP™ makes film output possible for both the large and small Screen Printer. A large shop will appreciate the speed and reliability. A small shop will appreciate the high quality output that used to be too expensive for their budget.


High Speed Version (Available for the Epson 4800, 7800, 9800)  Print Speeds

FastRIP™ combined with a state-of-the-art inkjet printer can output film positives in only 30 seconds! With our High Speed version, your films are dense black, in tight registration and produced VERY, VERY FAST! Images can be created at up to 180 dpi, giving your shop a competitve advantage. Using proven and reliable inkjet technology, FastRIP™ provides an economical, high quality alternative to an Imagesetter.  Prints up to four times faster than the Classic Version.

  • Free Support
  • Works with Mac & PC
  • Extremely Easy To Use
  • Crisp & Clean Halftones
  • Perfect Registration
  • Imagesetter Quality
  • Calibrated & Designed For Screen Printer
  • Works With Photoshop®, Corel™ Draw, Illustrator®, Freehand, Quark™, Fastfilms™
  • Sharp "index" stochastic square dots
  • Use off-the self Epson or FastINK
  • Print Color Calibrated Proofs & Heat Transfers
  • 130-page manual in English & Spanish

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