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Virus Inks' WOW® (wet-on-wet) Starter Kit is designed for screen printers seeking to increase production by eliminating the need to flash between colors. The WOW® Starter Kit can be used to create custom shop colors or to create Pantone® colors by using the Virus Ink online mixing system. Designed for spot color or simulated process printing (on light or dark garments) and can be used on 100% polyester, 100% cotton or tri-blends.*

When printed wet-on-wet, WOW® inks do not transfer ink to the back of the screen from previous colors printed. With the proper process, WOW® inks will also be dry to the touch before curing the garment, reducing garment spoilage from garment unloaders. WOW® (wet-on-wet) technology introduces more cost-saving and production benefits for water-based screen printers than ever before.

WOW 4YOU Starter Kit Includes:

* For printing on polyester or tri-blends, use Perfetto White as the white underbase. Colors made with the WOW® Clear Base are designed to be printed on 100% cotton, unless they are underbased with an ink designed for polyester, such as Perfetto White. For hard-to-print polyester garments prone to dye-migration, use the No Sublimation Base (grey blocker) beneath the Perfetto White.

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