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WOW® Clear Base is designed to create Pantone or custom colors when pigmented with AquaTint Pigments (up to 10% by weight). Colors made using the WOW® Clear Base can be printed wet-on-wet, eliminating the need for flashing between colors. WOW® inks do not transfer ink to the back of the screen from previous colors printed, providing more savings with lower ink consumption and less clean-up time. With the proper process, WOW® inks will also be dry to the touch before curing the garment, reducing garment spoilage from garment unloaders. Virus inks are formulated using high-quality components to ensure ink remains hydrated at the press during production runs.Virus Inks' WOW® (wet-on-wet) technology introduces more cost-saving and production benefits for water-based screen printers than ever before.

For mixing custom colors, WOW® Clear Base should be pigmented with AquaTint Pigments (up to 10% by weight) until the desired color is produced. To achieve PMS color matches, Virus Inks' Color Matching System is available online to provide accurate formulas for light and dark garments.

For best results on colored garments, underbase with Hydra White 120 E for 100% cotton fabric and use Perfetto White for 100% polyester, 50/50 blends, and tri-blends. Polyester fabric prone to extreme dye-migration can be printed with a grey blocker, before the white underbase, and a low-cure additive may also be used to eliminate dye-migration.

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