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WOW® Process HC inks are designed for wet-on-wet 4 color process printing on top of a partially cured white underbase. The purity of pigments in WOW® Process HC inks guarantee the ultimate range of vibrant color reproduction and color consistency, without the need for additional spot colors. Virus inks are formulated using high-quality components to ensure ink remains hydrated at the press during production runs.

When printed wet-on-wet, WOW® Process HC inks do not transfer ink to the back of the screen from previous colors printed. With the proper process, WOW® inks will also be dry to the touch before curing the garment, reducing garment spoilage from garment unloaders. WOW® (wet-on-wet) technology introduces more cost-saving and production benefits for water-based screen printers than ever before.

WOW 4YOU Starter Kit Includes:

  • (1) FREE Process Color Separation
  • (1 kg/ea.) WOW Process HC Inks (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)
  • (5 kg) Hydra White 120 E - For use with 100% Cotton*
  • (1 kg) Hydracryl Retarder (Additive to slow the drying of inks)
  • (250 g) Hydra Reducer 120 (Additive to reduce viscosity of inks)
  • (250 g) Unifix LC (Low-cure additive to lower cure temperatures and improve wash resistance)

*Products in this starter kit are designed for printing on 100% cotton fabrics. For printing on 100% polyester or fabric blends (tri-blends, 50/50 blends), WOW Process HC inks can be printed on top of a partially cured white underbase printed with Perfetto White, instead of using Hydra White 120 E as the white underbase.

Virus WOW Process HC TDSTechnical Data Sheet

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