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Virus Inks' Special Effect Starter Kit contains a variety of water-based special effect inks. This starter kit is perfect for printers seeking to try new processes and stand out from the competition. The Special Effects Starter Kit can produce a wide selection of display prints to impress potential customers and allow shops to showcase high-quality printing abilities.

Kit Includes:

  • (1 kg) Hydra Transfoil Adhesive E
  • (1 kg) Hydra Glittering Base
  • (1 kg) Hydra Suede Base E
  • (1 kg) Hydra Pearl Base
  • (1 kg) Hydra Clear for Metallic E
  • (200 g) Powder Gold
  • (1 kg) Hydra Cracking Base E
  • (1 kg) Geo Diamond
  • (1 kg) Geo Eco Superstar (Silver, but can be tinted with AquaTint Pigments)
  • (1 kg) Geo Cube E
  • (1 kg) Hydracryl Retarder
  • (1 kg) Hydra Reducer 120
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