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Crating included in pricing.

MSRP:  $10,660.00
Part No: VXPS1
Availability: Discontinued

Vastex's Screen Printing Shop set-up, the Premium Shop I , is an affordable, mid-level screen printing equipment package. This screen printing package contains equipment that is great for semi-experienced screen printers.

Package Includes:

130 Shirts/Hr (Plastisol)

V-2000HD Manual Press (4 Station/4 Color)
Dimensions: 97" (diameter)
Guarantee: 25 Year Warranty*
Gas Springs and Rubber Pallet Tops covered for 3 Years*

  • Holds up to 27" x 32" screens
  • 100% wrench-free micro adjustments
  • Steel Pallets w/rubber top
  • Floating Head, three point bearing lock allows multiple heads down
  • Micro-registration
  • 6 way head leveling
  • Accurate multicolor registration
  • High-Strength Rotor Arm Assembly

LittleRed X1 30" Conveyor Dryer
(L x W x H) 48" x 41" x 48"
Electric: 120V, 2000W,16.5A (NEMA 5-20P)
240V, 2600W, 11A, 1 Phase, (NEMA 6-15P)
Belt Width/Conveyor Length: 30" x 48"
Heat Chamber Length: 18"
Production: 130+ Shirts/Hr* (plastisol)
40+ Shirts/Hr* (waterbased/discharge)
Guarantee: 15 Year Heater Warranty*

  • 30" Synthetic coated fiberglass belt with tracking system
  • 2" - 7" belt-to-heater clearance, adjustable separately on each side allows you to tilt the heating element (great for hats!)
  • Power exhaust to remove fumes/moisture within chamber
  • DC belt speed motor with digital voltage display

*Cure times are 25% below actual test results. Production may vary based on ink, environment and other variables.

E-100 2331 UV Exposure Unit (23" x 31")
Electric: 120V, 60 HZ, 3.5A, NEMA 5-15P
Bulbs: (6) 40 watt bulbs, Black UV fluorescent 28" long
Dimensions: 41.6" x 36.2" x 14" (Lid Closed)
Guarantee: 3 Year Warranty* (excludes rubber blanket)

  • Max screen size is 23" x 31"
  • Powered vacuum hold down contours rubber blanket to screen for excellent screen to film contact
  • Vacuum draws down through bottom manifold, no holes in rubber blanket
  • Electronic ballasts for quick starts & steady UV output
  • Precision timer controls lights & vacuum precisely
  • Unfiltered UV fluorescent bulbs
  • Dependable .25" thick tempered glass virtually eliminates breakage
  • Vacuum Pump, Oil-less Diaphragm (1/16 HP 24 hg Max)

RedFlash Flash Cure Unit (18" x 18")
Electric: 240V, 9A, 2600W, NEMA 6-15P
Guarantee: 15 Year Heater Warranty*

  • Head rotates 360°
  • 18" x 18" 2,600 Watt IR Heater
  • Adjustable heat control
  • Heavy duty side handles and locking wheels
  • Heat shields for even heater temperature
  • Head leveler to adjust the heater parallel to the pallet
  • Flash Plastisol in 7-10 seconds

*on manufacturer's defects

Automatic Textile Press