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Price: $24.95
Part No: PP1420DS
Availability: Discontinued

Double Sided Pallet Tape is a re-useable and removable, double sided tape holds cotton, polyester, nylon, fleece and more in place on the pallet.

Easy Steps to Follow:

1. Adhere tape to the top of the each “clean” pallet and remove liner
2. Apply garment to the top of the tape, smooth out wrinkles
3. One color printing: print, flash if need, remove and place on dryer belt
4. Multiple color printing: print with standard multiple color process, flash if needed, remove and place on dryer belt
5. Clean lint or fuzz from tape with water and scrubber pad, remove excess moisture
6. Adhesive is tacky to the touch again and ready to print!
7. No sprays, no webs, no single side tapes, our tape does it all!

Replacement required only after all tack from tape has been depleted. Tape removes cleanly from pallet with no adhesive residue remaining.

Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

Double sided pallet tape

<p>Love it. Easy to replace last way longer than I expected.</p>