Monster Max Scoop Coater

Monster Max Scoop Coater (413MSC)

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The Monster Max Scoop Coater is 100% metal including stainless steel end caps and screws. The stay on when you want and can be removed for cleaning. This unique end cap design allows you to precisely adjust the amount of emulsion applied to the...
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Awesome coater!

Bought this directly from Edward ( the creator). Works fantastic, and TONS better than the AWS coater. holds more emulsion, i can coat 15 screens in only a few minutes- adjustable thickness as well. I highly recommend this product. a few features this website doesn't show is:

Its double sides, if you ding up one side, flip the end caps over and start over fresh.

Built in stand, just slide your hand under and pick it up!

End caps are made so you can coat all the way to the top of the screen ( notice the cutout).

Its very easy to clean, and very durable. Literally, Very literally, the best scoop coater i have ever owned, or even though about owning.

Reviews 1-1 of 1