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QMX-1030 Clear Base is a mixing base created specifically for wet-on-wet printing for use in the QMX Mixing System. The QMX- 1030 Clear Base is an optically clear ink.

83-305 t/in
Higher mesh counts may be used with a possible loss of opacity. 

70 or 70/90/70 Durometer, Straight Edge

Any direct emulsion or capillary film

Cure Temperature:
325˚F (162˚C) entire ink film, over a 60-90 second period, depending on oven type and thickness of ink deposit.
A thicker deposit will take longer to cure as the heat must penetrate through the entire ink layer.

Clean Up:
Any environmentally safe plastisol screen wash

Product Data Sheet

EDGE DTG INK for Epson F2000/F2100 Printers