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*Pantone® Color - 3945C

*The color referenced is the closest Pantone® color and is provided as a reference point but not meant for specific matching purposes. If you need a specific Pantone® color match please order a custom mixed color
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Pro-Brite Process Inks are more opaque than standard process inks. Standard process colors because they are more translucent can sometimes appear dull and thin. Pro-Brite Process Inks have more body rendering more vibrant prints.

Cotton, some cotton/polyester blends, polyester

Application Information:
Standard Colors:
110-305 threads/in.
High Pigment Colors:
60-110 threads/in.
60-70 durometer.Sharp edge for light colored fabrics and beveled or sharp edge for dark fabrics
Screen Wash such as SW145 Emulsion:
Conventional direct or capillary films.
Gel or Flash Cure:
Approximately 230 F (110C).
Full Cure:
325 F (160C)

Screen Printing Class