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  • Copper
  • Green

Foil is a great way to have your designs stand out. It is easy to apply and adheres to most standard plastisols. Standard Colors are Silver, Gold, Red, Blue, Purple, Copper, Green, Pink, and Black.

Use 3801LF Foil Adhesive in place of standard plastisol for better adhesion. Add (10-15% by wt.) 3802LF Foil Resist Additive to standard plastisol to make the mixed ink resistant to foil. If using waterbased ink, try using WB0056 Foil Adhesive TFG 301; this adhesive can also be tinted with Neo Pigments to match embellishment color. This is useful for muti-color designs where the foil needs to adhere to only select parts of the design.


  1. Print your design with standard plastisol ink or the 3801LF Foil Adhesive. You can also achieve different effects by using bases such as a granite or blowout base. The foil will adhere better to thicker deposits of ink or adhesive. Use a 110 screen or lower.
  2. Cure plastisol or the 3801LF Foil Adhesive at recommended temperature (325 degrees F)
  3. Place garment on heat press and set temperature to 325F. Place a piece of foil over the print with the COLOR SIDE UP.
  4. Use Heavy Pressure (40-60lbs/inĀ²) and heat for 10-15 seconds. (Use a Teflon sheet over the image to protect exposed printed areas.)
  5. Raise press slowly. Rub with a cloth to dissipate the heat and remove wrinkles. Let foil cool completely between 10 to 20 seconds.
  6. Peel slowly
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