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The X1D is the smallest conveyor dryer matched to the output of the most popular DTG printing systems.  Its heating chamber has a boost zone to quickly reach the temperatures for inkjet, water-based and discharge inks.

The dryer can cure up to 27 garments per hour for garments printed on a DTG with white underbase.  Water-based and discharge inks can cure at a rate of 81 per hour and plastisol at 162 per hour.

Using this conveyor dryer to cure DTG Inks improves the look of the garment by eliminating the ironed-on look due to heat pressing.   

The X1D comes standard with features found on larger DTG conveyor dryers.  Including adjustable belt-to-heater clearance for bulky items, dual digital temperature control, X-Series belt tracking system, and powered exhaust to remove moisture and air contaminants.

162+ Shirts/hr plastisol
81+ Shirts/hr water-based/discharge
27+ Shirts/hr DTG/digital white ink @ 2.5 min>

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*Rated Shirts/hr are approximations and are based on certain conditions including humidity, image size, substrate material, etc.

Electric: 240V, 1 Phase, 2280 Watts, 12.5 Amps
Production: 162+ Shirts/Hour* (Plastisol)
81+ Shirts/Hour* (Waterbased/Discharge)
27+ Shirts/Hour* (DTG/digital white ink @ 2.5min)
23 + Shirts/Hour* (DTG/digital white ink @ 3min)
Belt Width: 18"
Overall Dimensions:
(L x W x H) 48" x 30" x 50"
Chamber Length: 18"
Chamber In-Feed Width: 21"
Chamber In-Feed Height: 2" - 7" (adjustable)
Heater Size: 16" x 18"

  • "X-Series" Conveyor Belt Tracking System with 30" wide PTFE coated belt
  • Infrared Focusing System: 2" - 7" belt-to-heater clearance, adjustable separately on each side for each heater
  • DC belt speed control
  • 3 Year Defect Warranty
  • 15 Year Heater Warranty

Call (800) 621-4173 for more information regarding additional options. Such as the exhaust hood, low friction belt aligner (recommended for longer conveyor belts), and heavy duty belt motor (also recommended for longer conveyor belts).

*Rated Shirts/hr are approximations and are based on certain conditions including humidity, image size, substrate material, etc.

What is the Infrared Focusing System?

Infrared emitters have an optimal distance at which they operate most efficiently. If the emitter is too far away energy is wasted and lost in the distance. If the emitter is too close the substrate may come in contact with the emitter surface. Adjusting the heater height is an absolute necessity if the products that you print vary in height. We want to maintain an approximate distance of 2 1/2" from heater surface to ink.

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