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*Terms and rate are subject to lease approval. Based on a 5 year lease. Assumes (FICO 700+) & 2+ years in business

  • Colors/Stations: 8/8
  • Max Screen Width: 24"
  • Dimensions - DIA x HT:  114"x 48"
Price: $8,995.00
Part No: BBC21050
Availability: Discontinued


With its revolutionary floating print head design, unrivaled precision, and rugged construction, The BBC Legacy is undoubtedly the world's best and most profitable manual screen printing press.  Whether you choose a 4 color or 10 color,  the Legacy will blow you away with its effortless rotation of both the print heads and platen arms.  Utilizing 2 sets of ultra-industrial tapered baring's, lathe turned center shaft and heavy wall aluminum platen arms the Legacy is built for a lifetime of printing

  • Patented, non-linked, spring loaded micro screen adjust system – provides exceptionally rapid pre-production set up times
  • Patented, independently registering, “floating” printheads – provides true all arms down capabilities with flawless precision
  • Patented dual indexing system – prevents misregistration, even as the screen printing machine ages
  • Effortless rotational characteristics – provides the greatest efficiency possible in actual printing production
  • Dual off contact adjustment – provides precise parallel off contact for image clarity
  • Durability – many of these screen printing presses have been in continuous service for over 36 years, and some see 24 hour/day utilization.
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