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A New Textile Pretreatment for Even Brighter Prints!


  • Enhanced print quality on light to medium colored shirts
  • Allows for printing White Ink on light to medium colored shirts
  • UV Stability - Will not turn yellow in the sun
  • Easy to use, safe and non-toxic.
  • Improves print speeds.
  • Eliminates two-pass printing for most images

FastBRIGHT is designed as a print enhancement pretreatment for light to dark colored shirts when using a Fast T-Jet Inkjet-to-Garment printer and FastINK Textile ink. Prints created using FastBRIGHT are more vibrant and sharper, with less color bleeding. This means you can use Print Modes of higher resolution and greater saturation.

APPLICATION: Adjust the sprayer nozzle to spray a solid mist but one that doesn't instantly soak the garment. Apply FastBRIGHT to one section at a time with even strokes. You will want to apply a total of two even layers to the entire print area. Keep in mind, the amount of pretreatment applied will depend on the garment color. The darker the garment color, the more pretreatment is required. For White garments, only a light application is needed. Black garments may need a thick, damp coat.

IMPORTANT NOTE: FastBRIGHT acts as a primer by preventing inks from being completely absorbed by the garment fibers. If you soak the shirt with pretreatment, the fibers will be so saturated that the ink can not bind at all. This will cause the ink to wash out or fade very quickly. Several test shirts may be required before the amount of pretreatment needed is perfected.

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