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The Vastex V2000HD Series of heavy-duty manual screen printing presses offers the screen printing professional a range of advanced capabilities that decrease set-up time, improve registration accuracy and increase productivity.

The V2000HD heavy duty print head allows the industry's fastest set-up and micro-registration, and accepts clamp-on DiGiT athletic numbering jigs and side-clamp accessories in 20 seconds.

V2000HD screen printing presses are offered in models from 1 station/1 color to 10 station/10 color in increments of one station and/or one color. Fully expandable, they allow growing shops to start small and add stations and print heads to boost output or achieve special effects.

  • 100% wrench-free micro adjustments
  • Never warp steel pallets with rubber tops and the new corner clamp pallet arm
  • Micro-registration with wrench free controls and zero backlash
  • Embedded registration bearings (close to the screen, stays clear of spray tack)
  • Prints all heads down
  • 6 way screen leveling
  • Accurate multicolor registration
  • Gas lifters with 16 position variable lift strength 
  • 12" wide steel rear screen clamps joined by a steel clamp bar for off center clamping 2.75" precision ground center shaft 
  • 3" square steel rotor arm with ruler indicator 
  • Elevated Pallets — no need to stretch shirts over the arm (also compatible with quick stretch jacket attachment)
  • Zero backlash bearings on screen arm pivot 
  • Adjustable micro clamp levers
  • Upgrade at any time to 10 station/10 color rotary floor press
  • 25 Year Limited Warranty
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