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WOW-1015 Softee Base is a super soft, build-up free mixing base designed specifically for wet-on-wet printing where a soft print finish is desired. Softee Base, when mixed with other plastisol inks, will produce an extremely soft print. Ideal for high volume print jobs, it will not build-up on succeeding screens allowing for longer press runs with fewer interruptions. When mixed with the super opaque XOLB inks, Softee Base dramatically improves the wet-on-wet printability of any XOLB color. Also, WOW inks are ortho-phthalate-free, gaining international approval for environmental friendliness (Oeko-Tex Approved).

Mix Ratio:
Mix 50-75% WOW-1015 Softee Base into XOLB or WOW inks and test for opacity. Add more WOW-1015 Softee Base until you achieve the desired effect.

160-305 mesh monofilament polyester tightened to manufacturers specifications. For wet-on-wet printing 230 mesh or higher is recommended. Higher mesh counts allow for greater precision and a softer hand. High tensions screens are recommended (20 N/cm.).

Stencil: Use any direct emulsion or capillary film.

Use a screen wash such as Plastwash or PW125 and an ink degradent such as PW145

For best results when printing wet-on-wet use a sharp 70/90/70 or 70 durometer squeegee. Reduce the off contact to 1/16th of an inch or slightly less. Use a high squeegee angle, roughly 15 degrees from vertical.

WOW and XOLB inks will cure at 325 F over a 60-90 second period, depending on oven type and thickness of ink deposit. A thicker ink deposit will take longer to cure as the heat must penetrate throughout the ink layer. Proper curing is very important, always test product for full cure. Use Temperature Strips to measure the temperature within your dryer and adjust as necessary.

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