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Price: $1,195.00
Part No: VXV10044
Availability: Discontinued

The V-100 tabletop screen printing presses are ideal for budget shops, start-ups and shops with restricted space. Its innovative design using fewer parts, lighter-duty construction allow for an economical price point for new shops.

The V100-44 model is configured as new with four pallet stations and four print heads. Multiple stations and colors allow all-heads-down printing using screens up to 21" wide, maximizing productivity when printing registered spot colors and process colors, or multiple one- and two-color jobs simultaneously.

  • Long Lasting
    All steel construction including pallets with optional rubber tops
  • Adjustable
    Screen off-contact and level adjustments
  • Accurate
    Floating head 3-point bearing locks for pinpoint registration
  • Productive
    All-heads-down printing
  • Easy to Operate
    Rotor detent provides positive engagement of pallets
  • Capacity
    Maximum screen width (4-station, 4-color configuration all heads down): 21" (51 cm)
  • Guaranteed
    One year warranty on manufacturer's defects
  • Ships UPS

Optional additions include neck guides and rubber tops for the included pallets, and a variety of specialized pallets for long sleeves, pant legs, caps, umbrellas, koozies and other textiles and hard goods.

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