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Atlas Metallic Shimmer Plastisol Inks are formulated for direct screen applications on textiles. Atlas Metallic Inks add a bright non-tarnishing metallic sparkle to garments.

Cotton, Cotton blends, and polyester.
Application Information:
60-110 threads/in.
60 to 70 Durometer – straight, bevel, or sharp edge.
Conventional direct, or capillary films.
Gel or Flash cure – 170 F - 190 F (75 C-88 C)
Cure – 320F (160 C)
Health & Safety:
Complete Health and Safety Data available upon request.
Atlas Metallic Inks are ready to use out of the container. Curable Reducer (1-5 % by weight) may be used to lower viscosity without impairing cure rate.
Wash Up:
Conventional Solvents or Atlas Screen Wash.
Recommended storage temperature is 65-90 F (18-32 C). Avoid storing in direct sunlight or in extreme temperature conditions. It is recommended that Atlas Plastisol products be used within one year of receipt of product. Inks subjected to extreme temperatures or prolonged shelf life could thicken in the container.

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