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Tensor Drying Racks


Tensor-18 Drying Racktensor18 Drying Rack   Pricing


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The UPSable "Heavyweight"

The Tensor 18 Drying Rack is the choice for budget minded printers who demand the highest value and quality.  The Tensor 18 has been manufactured to the highest standards for many years of trouble free service.  Ingenious design and common sense features will keep your production running without needless maintenance.

Original Tray Lock 

Positive locking mechanism holds trays up, an original Tensor design.

Two Rubber Spacers

Make rack more stable also holds extra weight and larger sheets.

Functional size

18" x 24" tray will easily hold card stock, posters and signs.


Additional FeaturesDouble Tensor Drying Rack

  • Four Swivel Casters - for easier movement.

  • Solid All-Steel Construction - for years of trouble free service.

  • Rack Larger Sheets - there are no constrictions, front and rear, to prevent overhang.

  • Rack Heavier Objects (i.e. real estate signs) - with two tray bumpers providing greater strength and stability.





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Tensor-18 Double

Catalog number



Overall size

24d x 25w x 45h

54d x 25w x 45h

Tray Size

18d x 24w

18d x 24w

Number of trays



Tray Spacing



Tray Mesh

6 x 8

6 x 8

Shipping Weight

70 lbs.

140 lbs.

Number of pieces



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Raising and lowering the Tensor 18 traystensor2

When the trays are lifted up, the double wire falls into the bottom of the slot A. When the tray is lowered the double wires rest on the horizontal part of the slot B.





Catalog NumberDescriptionAtlas Price
MR1824Tensor 18$490.00
MR1824CTensor 18 Packing$20.00
MRD1824Double Sided Tensor 18$920.00
MRD1824CDouble Sided Packing$38.00


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