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Puff Plastisol Textile Ink


Puff Inks


Atlas Plastisol Puff Ink series is a direct print plastisol puff ink. These inks are creamy and easy to print. All colors have excellent opacity on dark fabrics. Atlas Plastisol Puff Ink is easy to use and results in a durable, raised ink film when fused at the proper temperature. (Contains less than 0.025% lead).


Polyester, Cotton/Polyester blends and Cotton.

Application Information:


Maximum puff on a large print area - 60-86 threads/in.

For fine detail 95-110 threads/in.                   

White or light fabrics: 110-280 threads/in.


60 to 70 Durometer straight, bevel, sharp or rounded edge.


Conventional direct, indirect or capillary films.


300 F - 320 F (149 C-160 C)

Since Atlas Plastisol Puff ink does not air dry, the ink must be fused or gelled with an appropriate heat source. The optimum time/temperature cycle will vary with the amount of ink deposit, fabric, and the type of heat source used. Plastisols actually achieve the proper fusion point as soon as the innermost section of the ink film reaches the prescribed temperature. Test dryer temperatures before a production run. Wash test product before a production run.

Health & Safety:

Complete Health and Safety Data available upon request.


Atlas Plastisol Puff Inks may be used straight from the container. If modification is desired, add 3% to 5% of curable reducer. Caution: Excessive modification will impair puff.

Wash Up:

Conventional Solvents or Atlas Screen Wash.

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  • You may achieve different effects through the use of multiple passes, flash curing, thick screen stencils and overprinting standard and specialty inks.

  •  In multi color printing, it is necessary to flash the puff prior to overprinting.

  • Pre-print and test all fabrics for dye bleeding, ink adhesion, wash fastness and other desired characteristics.


In quarts, add $4.30/qt. to the standard plastisol price.

In single or five-gallon containers, add $10.00/gal. to the standard plastisol price.

Colors Available:

1200     Atlas Tan             6042     Deacon Blue

1260     Flesh                   6065      Contact Blue

1330     Russell Gray       6070     Columbia Blue     

1460     Dark Gray           6210     Light Royal

1500     Atlas Gray           6300     Reflex Blue

1900     Black                   6610     Bears Navy

2010     Dark Brown        6780     Deep Aqua    

2380     Spice Brown       6850     Winter Blue

2600     Charlie Brown    7000     Kelly Green

3020     Bright Orange     7020     Dark Green  

3040     Dolphin Orange  7050     Dallas Green

3100     Atlas Orange       7530     Turquoise

3300     Bears Orange      7580     Blacklight Green

4000     Scarlet Red          8000     Gold    

4070     Brock Red            8010      Light Gold

4140     Rebel Red            8050      Varsity Gold    

4200     Dallas Scarlet     8100      Lemon Yellow

4227     Drake Red           8200      Bright Yellow

4300     National Red       8250     Yellow

4400     Cubs Red             8300     Atlas Yellow

4500     Bulls Red             8400     Yellow Gold

4540     Maroon                9000     Fluo. Yellow

4580     Russell Cardinal  9010    Fluo. Blue

4760     Brandywine         9020     Fluo. Green

4860     Burgundy             9030     Fluo. Orange

5020     Purple                  9040     Fluo. Pink

5040     Russell Purple     9050     Fluo. Neon

5100     Atlas Purple         9060     Fluo. Red

6000     Navy Blue            9070     Fluo. Magenta

                                          9080     Fluo. Purple


Recommended storage temperature is 65-90 F (18-32 C). Avoid storing in direct sunlight or in extreme temperature conditions. It is recommended that Atlas Plastisol products be used within one year of receipt of product. Inks subjected to extreme temperatures or prolonged shelf life could thicken in the container.