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Printing Accessories

Vaccupallet Graphics Printing PalletEZ-CAP Cap Printing PalletPallets
Gripper Jacket Printing PalletEZ-Pocket Printing AttachmentCapMax Screens
CapMax Cap Printing Attachment  

Vaccupallet Graphics Printing PalletVaccupallet Graphics Printing Pallet for Workhorse Manual Printer

Make more money by printing heat transfers, bumper stickers, decals, signs and more.  Simply depress the footswitch, and the powerful vacuum pump holds flat stock securely without the use of spray adhesive.


PartDescriptionAtlas Price
12513Vaccupallet VP1824, Vacuum Pallet with Bracket, Pump and Footswitch, 18x24" (46x61cm)$695.00

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EZ-CAP Cap Printing PalletEz-Cap Cap Printing Pallet

The EZ-Cap Pallet offers an easy method for printing simple designs on popular cap styles.  The EZ-Cap Screen has one thin side, making it easy to print close to cap's bill.  The flat printing surface has a maximum print area of 3x5" (7.7x12cm).  EZ-Cap comes with #110 mesh screen and 3"(7.7cm) squeegee.



PartDescriptionAtlas Price
12011E-Z Cap Pallet EZC, 3x4.75" w/ 110 Cap Screen and Squeegee$120.00
12012E-Z Cap Screen EZS110, #110 Mesh$30.00
12013E-Z Cap Screen EZS124, #124 Mesh$30.00
12014E-Z Cap Screen EZS155, #155 Mesh$30.00


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Pallets For Screen Printing


Workhorse printers come standard with adult pallets and can be outfitted with Oversized, Sleeve/Leg and Youth Pallets.  All are available with or without a bracket and in either standard material or long lasting aluminum material.  Use Workhorse Brackets to retrofit your own custom-made pallets.



Top W/ BracketStandard TopAluminum TopDescription
PartAtlas PricePartAtlas PricePartAtlas Price
12010$75.0012110$50.0012180$100.00Youth Pallet 10 x 14" (25x36cm)
12015$75.0012120$50.0012181$120.00Adult Pallet 15x18" (38x46cm)
12020$85.0012130$60.0012182$140.00Oversized Pallet 18x20" (46x51cm)
12070$70.0012170$40.0012183$80.00Sleeve - Leg Pallet 4-6x24" (10x46cm)- Tapered
12200$55.00Pallet Bracket Only


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Gripper Jacket Printing Pallet  Gripper Jacket Printing Attachment for Workhorse Textile Press

Gripper is an affordable way to securely grip those slippery nylon jackets.  It features a large 16" x 16"/ 41x41cm print area to accommodate full sized designs.  The perimeter of the hold-down features a self-sealing gasket


PartDescriptionAtlas Price
12512GRIPPER G-16, Jacket Hold-Down With Bracket, 16" x 16" (41 x 41cm)$475.00


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EZ-Pocket Printing Attachment

EZ-Pocket Printing Attachment


Otherwise impossible, pockets are easy to print with EZ-Pocket.  Simply attach EZ-Pocket to your pallet and printing is a breeze.  EZ Pocket doubles as a Koozie printing attachment.



PartDescriptionAtlas Price
12005E-Z Pocket Pallet EZP, 4"x4" (10x10cm)$80.00

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CapMax ScreensCapMax Screens for CapMax Textile Cap Printers


Capmax Screens come in a wide range of mesh counts.  Choose lower mesh counts for simple, bold designs or for thicker ink deposits.  Choose higher mesh counts for detailed designs, halftone designs or thinner ink deposits.


PartDescriptionAtlas Price
12638Cap Squeegee 3" (7.7cm) 60 Durometer$10.00
12630CapMax Screen CMS80, # 80 Mesh$25.00
12631CapMax Screen CMS110, # 110 Mesh$25.00
12632CapMax Screen CMS124, # 124 Mesh$25.00
12633CapMax Screen CMS155, # 155 Mesh$25.00
12634CapMax Screen CMS195, # 195 Mesh$25.00
12635CapMax Screen CMS300, # 300 Mesh$25.00


CapMax Screen Coater Frame

The CapMax Screen coater Frame holds the flexible steel CapMax Screen flat during coating.


PartDescriptionAtlas Price
12636CapMax Screen Coater Frame$25.00






Capmax Cap Platens for Workhorse CapMax Cap Screen Printers

A wide variety of quick change CapMax platens are available to provide the perfect fit for virtually every type and size of cap.  CapMax printers come standard with a CP2 platen which fits twill, poplin, nylon and taslon caps.  In addition you can get CP1 for low crown and youth caps, CP3 or CP4 for summer mesh caps, or CP5 for visors.  CP6 has groove machined in the center enabling you to print right over the seam on low crown, 6-panel caps.



PartDescriptionAtlas Price
12617CapMax, Platen CP1, 2.75x4.375"(7x11cm) Low Crown, Youth$45.00
12616CapMax, Platen CP2, 3x5.5"(7.7x14cm) Twill, Poplin, Nylon, Taslon$45.00
12618CapMax, Platen CP3, 3.25x5.5"(8.3x14cm) Summer Mesh$45.00
12619CapMax, Platen CP4, 3.5x5.5"(8.9x15cm) Summer Mesh W/Large Print$45.00
12621CapMax, Platen CP5, 2x4.375"(5.1x11.1cm) Visor$45.00
12622CapMax, Platen CP6, 2.75x4.375"(7x11.1cm) Low Crown, 6-Panel Groove$45.00


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CapMax Cap Printing AttachmentCap Printing Attachment

CapMax cap printing system is the ultimate cap printing system capable of printing from simple to the most extreme designs on the widest variety of caps, including 6 panel caps.  CapMax uses a curved platen and screen that follow the natural shape of the cap.  Each includes a 110 Mesh Screen, Squeegee and CP2 Platen.  Print multi-colored designs with the addition of Add-One colors and increase production with Add-On Stations.


PartDescriptionAtlas Price
12610CapMax CMA11, 1 Color 1 Station Attachment$475.00
12611CapMax CMA41, 4 Color 1 Station Attachment$1,050.00
12612CapMax CMA44, 4 Color 4 Station Attachment$1,600.00
12613CapMax, Add-On Color (Clamp Adapter, Subframe, Screen)$250.00
12614CapMax, Add-On Station$250.00


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