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Garment Runner

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The Garment Runner a Cart Designed for The Screen Printing Industry!

Catch...A large volume of shirts as they discharge from any conveyor dryer and fall into the Garment Runner, up to 700 shirts in a 60" model.  Use the size separator option to keep sizes separated within a bag.

Move...With heavy duty commercial casters, your Garment Runner will easily transport goods to another area of your shop.  Shirts can easily be boxed and shipped efficiently, or moved to press for additional printing.

Store...Simply slide the bag off the  back of the Garment Runner without lifting it.  A drawstring will keep the bag closed and the garments clean until you are ready to process your order.  A clear job pocket allows you to identify your Garment Runners contents.  Quickly install a new bag and you are ready to catch more shirts.

Versatility...Simply remove the bag and your Garment Runner transforms into a utility cart/ box mover.  With its heavy duty commercial construction, the Garment Runner will easily handle up to 500lbs of cargo.

Garment Runner.  Designed for the Screen Printing Shop.


GR30Garment Runner GR-30 30" Deep x 30" Wide (Includes 1 bag)320 Shirts32 lbs$195.00
GR36Garment Runner GR-36 36" Deep x 36" Wide (Includes 1 bag)400 Shirts40 lbs$220.00
GR48Garment Runner GR-48 36" Deep x 48" Wide (Includes 1 bag)550 Shirts52 lbs$289.00
GR60Garment Runner GR-60 36" Deep x 60" Wide (Includes 1 bag)700 Shirts62 lbs$359.00
GRB30Garment Runner B-30 30" Wide Bag 320 Shirts5 lbs$28.00
GRB36Garment Runner B-36 36" Wide Bag 400 Shirts5 lbs$30.00
GRB48Garment Runner B-48 48" Wide Bag550 Shirts6 lbs$42.00
GRB60Garment Runner B-60 60" Wide Bag700 Shirts7 lbs$52.00
GRSSEPGarment Runner Size Separators- Includes a set of 6 large printed sheets (S, M, L, XL, XXL, &  Blank) Used to keep sizes separated within a Garment Runner Bag. 1 lbs$32.00

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