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Tuf Flashback for Automatic Textile Printers


FlashbackFlashback Automatic Flash

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Print-flash and cool down all on the same print head

For the first time, printing, flashing and cooling are all performed on the same printhead! After the print stroke, the FLASHBACK automatically slides its thin quartz element in between the garment and the screen. The garment is instantly flash dried and then cooled. Choose between four flash modes:

  • Print one stroke then flash once
  • Print two strokes then flash once
  • Print one stroke, then flash and print a second stroke without a second flash
  • Print then flash and print then flash again (for a super-bright white underbase)

After each flash, the garment is automatically cooled with the built-in turbo fans. The FLASHBACK is available for all Freedom and Javelin models.




CA-0016AFlashback 16, Automatic Flash 16"x18", 220v, 50-60Hz, 4400wattts, 20amps$3,300.00
CA-3020Flashback 20, Automatic Flash 20"x22", 220v, 50-60Hz, 5500watts, 25amps$3,850.00
CA-3022Flashback 22, Automatic Flash, 22"x27", 220v, 50-60Hz, 5500watts, 25amps$4,400.00
CA-3024Flashback 24, Automatic Flash, 24"x36", 220v, 50-60Hz, 5500watts, 25amps$4,950.00
CA-3041Flashback 41, Automatic Flash, 41"x32", 220v, 50-60Hz, 6800watts, 31amps$5,500.00


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