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AccuFast Waterproof Film

Insta Mark Non-Waterproof filmInsta Jet Waterproof Film



Waterproof Inkjet Film for Pigment or Dye-Based Systemssample request


AccuFast™ is a high quality photopositive film, universally receptive to both dye and pigment ink. Engineered to accommodate the most popular RIPS, AccuFast™ will accept heavy density loads, resulting in high density positive and negatives.

  • Prints with nearly all pigment and dye based inks.

  • Excellent density and clarity: DMAX up to 4.0, DMIN .06

  • Excellent water and humidity resistance


Product SizeFormatList  PriceAtlas Price
8.5" x 11"100 sheets$58.50$55.58
8.5" x 14"100 sheet$74.70$70.97
11 x 17"100 sheets$117.00$111.15
13" x 19"100 sheets$153.90$146.21
17" x 22"100 sheets$259.93$246.93
13" x100'Roll$95.63$90.85
17" x 100'Roll$125.10$118.85
24" x 100'Roll$176.40$167.58
36" x 100'Roll$264.00$250.80
42" x 100'Roll$308.70$293.27

Note: Please store film at 60-75ºF and at humidity levels between 40-60%


AccuArt2 Inkjet Film Waterproof

Non-Waterproof Inkjet Film for Dye-Based Ink Only

sample request


Insta Mark Non-Waterproof Film works with dyed based inks only. This film is designed to produce high quality positives at an economical price.

For best results:
1) Use high resolution images
2) Use high resolution printing. This will slow the print speed down and allow for additional drying time.
3) Adjust your ink setting to allow the maximum amount of ink to be laid down while still drying. If you are using a RIP program please make sure that you can adjust ink density. Some RIP programs lay down too much ink and don't allow for proper drying time.
4) Make sure your screen is fully dry before exposing screen. The film will be damaged on a wet or tacky screen.

Thickness: 4mil


Product SizeFormatAtlas Price
8.5" x 14"100 sheet$35.00
11 x 17"100 sheets$55.00
13" x 19"100 sheets$72.00
17" x 100'Roll$61.00

Note: Please store film at 60-75ºF and at humidity levels between 40-60%



Waterproof Inkjet Film for Pigment or Dye-Based Systems

sample request


Insta Jet Waterproof Film works with most dye and pigment inkjet inks. The film has a unique coating on one side allowing it to handle large ink loads for dark film positives.

  • Waterproof

  • Clear translucent

  • Exceptional registration

  • For use with most dye & pigment inks

  • Rapid drying time

  • Superior halftone retention

  • Resistant to humidity

  • Available in pre-cut sheets or rolls

Product SizeFormatAtlas Price
8.5" x 11"**10 shts**$6.49
8.5" x 11"100 sheets$38.25
8.5" x 14"100 sheet$48.75
11 x 17"**10 shts**$12.71
11 x 17"100 sheets$75.00
13" x 19"100 sheets$96.00
17" x 22"100 sheets$156.75
13" x100'Roll$69.00
17" x 100'Roll$81.00
24" x 100'Roll$118.50
44" x 100'Roll$216.75

Note: Please store film at 60-75ºF and at humidity levels between 40-60%