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AccuFast Waterproof Film

Insta Mark Non-Waterproof filmInsta Jet Waterproof Film



Waterproof Inkjet Film for Pigment or Dye-Based Systemssample request


AccuFast™ is a high quality photopositive film, universally receptive to both dye and pigment ink. Engineered to accommodate the most popular RIPS, AccuFast™ will accept heavy density loads, resulting in high density positive and negatives.

  • Prints with nearly all pigment and dye based inks.

  • Excellent density and clarity: DMAX up to 4.0, DMIN .06

  • Excellent water and humidity resistance


Product SizeFormatList  PriceAtlas Price
8.5" x 11"100 sheets$58.50$55.58
8.5" x 14"100 sheet$74.70$70.97
11 x 17"100 sheets$117.00$111.15
13" x 19"100 sheets$153.90$146.21
17" x 22"100 sheets$259.93$246.93
13" x100'Roll$95.63$90.85
17" x 100'Roll$125.10$118.85
24" x 100'Roll$176.40$167.58
36" x 100'Roll$264.00$250.80
42" x 100'Roll$308.70$293.27

Note: Please store film at 60-75ºF and at humidity levels between 40-60%


AccuArt2 Inkjet Film Waterproof

Waterproof Inkjet Film for Pigment or Dye-Based Systems

sample request


Insta Jet Waterproof Film works with most dye and pigment inkjet inks. The film has a unique coating on one side allowing it to handle large ink loads for dark film positives.

  • Waterproof

  • Clear translucent

  • Exceptional registration

  • For use with most dye & pigment inks

  • Rapid drying time

  • Superior halftone retention

  • Resistant to humidity

  • Available in pre-cut sheets or rolls

Product SizeFormatAtlas Price
8.5" x 11"**10 shts**$6.49
8.5" x 11"100 sheets$38.25
8.5" x 14"100 sheet$48.75
11 x 17"**10 shts**$12.71
11 x 17"100 sheets$75.00
13" x 19"100 sheets$96.00
17" x 22"100 sheets$156.75
13" x100'Roll$69.00
17" x 100'Roll$81.00
24" x 100'Roll$118.50
44" x 100'Roll$216.75

Note: Please store film at 60-75ºF and at humidity levels between 40-60%