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Automatic Printing Product Guide


AUTOMATIC PRINTING PRODUCT GUIDE screen printing How to Buy Your First Automatic Press

Investing in an automatic is an important step in growing your business.  Get the most out of your investment by evaluating your current and future production requirements and choosing a machine designed to keep pace with them.  Your considerations should include Design Complexity, Production Speed, Image Size, Floor Space, and Preferred Flashing Method.


Design Complexity:Tuf Javelin Automatic Textile Printer

Do you want to produce simple or complex designs? 6 or 8 color presses are great for producing athletic or corporate designs, while 10 to 20 colors presses enable you to print virtually anything you can imagine!


GOOD: Freedom 6 or 8, Javelin 6 or 8,  Falcon M 6 or 8 color presses.


BETTER: Javelin 10 or 12, Falcon M 10 or 12, Falcon E 10 or 12 color presses


BEST:  Falcon E 14 or 20 color presses.


Production Speed:

How quickly do you want to print?  Production speed is determined by a number of variables including the machine's index speed and number or print stations.  Naturally, there is a limit to the speed and duration that an individual operator can accurately load garments, so production speeds are typically less of a concern for companies with fewer employees that simply want to streamline production.  Shops that produce high-end designs with many employees may prefer a Servo Indexer machine.

Progressive Automatic Textile Equipment

GOOD: Freedom has a simple and proven Pneumatic Indexer rated up to  45-dozen / hr.


BETTER: Javelin has a faster Pneumatic Indexer rated up to 70-dozen / hr.


BEST: Falcon M and Falcon E  have state of the art Servo Indexer's rated up to 85-dozen / hr.


What is the difference between Servo and Pneumatic Indexing?


Stroke Control
How much control do you want? Those new to automation find Freedom and Javelin's Pneumatic print heads easy and intuitive to use. On the other hand, seasoned printers doing high-end, halftone, high-density or gel work prefer the performance and precise adjustments of AC print heads found on our Falcon M and Falcon E machines.

BETTER: Javelin and Freedom Pneumatic print heads.


BEST: Falcon M, Falcon E and A/C print heads.


Image Size:

What image size best meets your needs? Freedom and Javelin's  16" x 18" (40x46cm) print area meets most shops requirements, while others require the larger image areas found on the Falcon M 18" x 18" (46x46cm) or the Falcon E 20" x 28" (51x71cm)

Automatic Textile Equipment Image Size

GOOD: Freedom and Javelin's 16" x 18" (40x46cm) Image Size


BETTER: Falcon M 18" x 18" (46x46cm) Image Size


BEST: Falcon E 20" x 28" (51x71cm) Image Size



Change-Over Speed:

How many different jobs do you need to do in a day or week? For many, this makes change-over speed even more important than production speed. Whether you choose the quick-release pin found on Javelin and Freedom machines or pneumatic clamps found on Falcon M  or Falcon E, either option is much faster and easier to use the clumsy U clamps found on other brands.
Chamge Over Speed -Automatic Textile PrinterProgressive Falcon Automatic Change-Over Speed

BETTER: Javelin and Freedom with Quick-Release Pins


BEST: Falcon M  or Falcon E with Pneumatic Squeegee and Flood Clamps



Floor Space:

Do you have limited floor space or smaller doorways? Check the specs, and let us help you plan your workflow.


GOOD: Falcon E models up to 20 colors, and Javelin models up to 12 colors


BETTER: Falcon M and Javelin models up to 10 colors


BEST: Freedom 6 color fits through a 34" doorway


Inter-Color or Intra-Color Flashing

Inter-Color Flashing
Universal Quartz Flash and Plug-&-Go Flash's short-wave quartz elements make for the fastest flash times possible. Universal Quartz Flash uses a photocell pallet sensor, and fits most brands of carousel automatics. Plug-&-Go Flash fits Falcon M and Falcon E, and its? functionality is controlled by the operator interface, making repositioning fast and easy.

Intra-Color Flashing
Tuf FlashBack and Falcon FlashBack has a low profile, utilizes medium-wave quartz elements and a built-in cooling system enabling you to print, flash and cool all at the same print head. Tuf FlashBack fits Freedom and Javelin models, while Falcon FlashBack fits Falcon M and Falcon E models. FlashBack is a more productive alternative to complicated revolving programs.


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