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accu-stretch screen stretcher

Automatic Fabric Stretcher 

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THE QUALITY OF YOUR PRINT WILL BE NO BETTER THAN THE QUALITY OF YOUR STRETCHED SCREEN. The ACCU-STRETCH eliminates the need for complicated stretching systems by providing the fastest, most accurate method available. Fabric is stretched directly from the bolt, minimizing waste. Rubber-coated locking bars secure fabric without the need of measuring or adjustments. Through self-equalizing clamps, fabric tension is stabilized throughout the entire frame for the utmost accuracy. The ACCU-STRETCH requires no assembly or mounting, enabling fast set-up and total frame size adjustability. Separate regulators and gauges allow unlimited tension adjustment in both the warp and weft directions. They also maintain repeated uniform tension on every screen that is so crucial in multicolor, fine detail and tight registration printing. Due to the versatile and safe design, no physical strength or training is needed. Whether manual or automatic printing, all frame materials (wood, aluminum or steel) will be perfectly stretched to elevated tension levels, thereby, reducing wipedowns and resulting in the finest quality prints. These improved tension levels will also greatly increase squeegee, fabric and stencil life. The ACCU-STRETCH is constructed of the highest quality materials assuring years of satisfied service.


  • Totally automatic: easy to operate, no tools or training required
  • Infinite tension adjustment throughout the entire printing area

  • Substantially increased fabric tensions
  • Stretch all frame materials: wood, aluminum, steel, etc.
  • Accommodates all types of fabric: polyester, nylon, stainless steel and metalized polyester
  • Total tension control
  • Unique brace bar provides maximum prebowing of the frame


  • Increased production through elevated precise tension levels
  • Save fabric - stretch directly from bolt

  •  Reliable and accurate pneumatic design superior to any other method
  • Operates on very low air pressure
  • Maintenance free design throughout
  • No assembly or mounting required
  • Complete frame size adjustability
  • Full one-year warranty
CA-0101AAccu-Stretch Complete, 24 x36 (61x91cm), 110psi(7.6bar), 1 cfm (28 I/m)$1,600.00
CA-0102AAccu-Stretch Complete, 24x48 (61x122cm), 110psi(7.6bar), 1 cfm (28 I/m)$1,700.00
CA-0103AAccu-Stretch Complete, 24x60 (61x142cm), 110psi(7.6bar), 1 cfm (28 I/m)$1,800.00
CA-0107AAccu-Stretch Complete, 36x36 (91x91cm), 110psi(7.6bar), 1 cfm (28 I/m)$1,700.00
CA-0108AAccu-Stretch Complete, 36x48 (91x122cm), 110psi(7.6bar), 1 cfm (28 I/m)$1,800.00
CA-0109AAccu-Stretch Complete, 36x60 (91x142cm), 110psi(7.6bar), 1 cfm (28 I/m)$1,900.00
CA-0116AAccu-Stretch Complete, 48x48 (122x122cm), 110psi(7.6bar), 1 cfm (28 I/m)$1,900.00
CA-0117AAccu-Stretch Complete, 48x60 (122x142cm), 110psi(7.6bar), 1 cfm (28 I/m)$2,000.00
CA-0126AAccu-Stretch Complete, 60x60 (142x142cm), 110psi(7.6bar), 1 cfm (28 I/m)$2,100.00


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